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Benefits of an Acne Medi Facial


What is Medi Facial? A Medi Facial is a special medical-grade facial that is used to target specific skin issues through the correct layering of products and techniques.

There are many types of medi facials geared toward various skin conditions such as dry skin, oily skin, acne, hyperpigmentation, and aging.


How are Medi Facials Different from Regular?


Medi facials are more powerful and specific than the commonly known facial. They require a specific certification beyond that of a regular esthetician and are only conducted in dermatologist clinics or med spas. 

Beauty Deep, a med spa in New Orleans, offers both a general medi facial and an acne medi facial.


Who is an Acne Medi Facial for?

An acne medi facial isn’t something to invest in if you only get one or two pimples every once in a blue moon. Acne facials are for someone who suffers from recurring acne flare-ups. Acne can be painful, itchy, and irritating, and regular acne medi facials can not only help improve a breakout but prevent future ones.

The Benefits of an Acne Medi Facial

Thorough Cleaning

When getting an acne medi facial, the technician will first conduct a thorough cleansing of the skin. Since trapped dirt and clogged pores can cause more breakouts, this cleansing will help keep your annoying breakouts at bay.



You will leave with your skin feeling incredibly soft after an acne medi facial. At Beauty Deep, the acne medi facial consists of deep exfoliation, that will leave your skin feeling buttery soft.



Acne can often leave your skin feeling dry and flaky, resulting in pain and itchiness. Special skin-specific serums and antioxidant moisturizers are used during an acne facial to relieve this irritation.


Clearer Skin

At Beauty Deep, we understand that acne can also be detrimental to self-confidence. Acne medi facials will leave you with clearer skin and prevent breakouts, so you’ll be able to rock your natural skin with confidence. 



Facials are deeply relaxing and a great way to include self-care and de-stressing into your skin routine.

Schedule your acne medi facial today.



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